Festival Special – Beers from the wood


Gale Force 1
Jon Mitchell with Mike Hiscock & Stephen Francis

A unique head to head is kicking off at Clifford Champion Beer Festival on Saturday 25th June. Championship winning brewers Elland have come up with two one off special brews for well known YTV Calendar presenter Duncan Wood and weatherman Jon Mitchell.

I headed off to the brewery for a sneak preview of Jon Mitchell’s Gale Force IPA, a 5% IPA easy drinking pale ale brewed with US and NZ hops that give a combination of fruit flavours.

While we were there I also had a taste of Duncan Wood’s Wood you believe it which is a 4.6% premium golden bitter with fruity citrus flavours and aroma.

Jon Mitchell said, ‘The Gale Force ale that Elland have brewed for me is superb. I’m sure my hoppy Gale Force IPA will outsell Duncan’s Wood you believe it Bitter.

Although both beers were very good, they always taste better at the brewery. I personally thought Jon was right, although my preference won’t be the same as everyones. What will be interesting is the opportunity for people to taste both these beers from the wood, something we are trying to support at Clifford Beer Festival.

Wood you

This year, thanks to Elland Brewery and The Junction pub, Castleford, ‘the home of beers from the wood’ we have been able to put four Elland beers on the bar in wooden casks. As well as the two festival specials there will be the championship winning 1872 Porter and Beyond the Pale. There will also be a Sunbeam Ales Chocolate mild which was brewed for the Leeds mild fest in May and has been conditioning in the wooden cask with the unique Sunbeam Ales logo on ever since.

As well as these beers from the wood, there will be 25 other quality ales, including GGBF winner Cwtch and for the first time key-keg real ales from Brass Castle Brewery, plus everything else you would expect from a good beer festival. Things like cider and pies and all the Euro 2016 games in a separate room to the main event and live music.



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