The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

You can tell whether a pub floats my boat or not by the number of photos I take. There’s only five here. The outside was a real bugger to capture and I didn’t fancy dodging the traffic on the busy main road outside after four pubs.

There’s nothing wrong with the pub apart from it being at the side of a main road, when really it should be at the side of a pretty village green in a sleepy Warwickshire village. 

All long, thin and green, a sort of pistachio green. If you go looking for the Squirrel, don’t be fooled by Whatpub who show the pub in a lurid shade of pink?

Proper locals inside; fluorescent jacket and lumberjack padded shirt must have been builders, everyone knows the best place to find a builder during the afternoon is in the pub, particularly on a Friday.

Chap reading paper, young bloke waiting for his mates (who turned up later) and some nosey parker with an old dog who wanted to know where we were from and as much else as he could glean. I hope he’s reading this because he’ll know now won’t he.

I didn’t reckon much to the low ceilings. Maybe no one wears a hat in Rugby any more? Mind you, even after I’d taken mine off I still struggled in the middle of the pub. The end bit where we sat provided a little more head room. Looking at the premises I suspect it has been several dwellings once. In the far end there was a long unused, stable sized door, which would once have led straight onto the street.

Decor is plain but pleasant. There’s clearly a musical theme and a regular schedule of live bands. In terms of beer, I was a little disappointed. Not like Martin because there was no Pedigree, more because two out of the four available beers were from the Marston’s stable; Thwaites Lancaster Bomber and Ringwood Boon Doggle. 

Although I had a decent pint of Cotleigh Osprey, NBSS 3.5, if I had been on my own I probably would have walked on when confronted with the available selection; the fourth beer was also a Cotleigh beer.

I’m glad I didn’t have the Boon Doggle neither, I had a quick slurp of someone else’s, it had a kind of appley tartness. I wouldn’t have drunk it myself and rated it NBSS 1, which is piss poor for a GBG pub.

Fair play to the them, they had a decent selection of cellar cooled real ciders on which is good, and a sure sign of a music pub. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on the Boon Doggle but I won’t be going back to check, despite being a proper pub with proper drinkers, the Squirrel just didn’t do it for me.

7 thoughts on “The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

    1. Always thought Cotleigh were from Taunton area? Either way, it’s honest beer from an independent as opposed to a major national that may or may not brew their beer in the place it purports to be from.


    1. Now here’s a coincidence.
      The bloke sat in front of me in the folk club this evening was wearing a Village Pump Folk Festival 2016 tee shirt on the back of which were listed the acts the second of which, after the Proclaimers, was the Neville Staple Band.

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      1. I’d quite happily go and see the Proclaimers followed by the Neville Staples Band. Last time I saw Neville Staples was at Bridlington National Scooter Rally a few years ago. He was brilliant and he came out into the leisure centre after his set and was chatting to people – really nice bloke.


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